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The sump is an underground system designed to collect excess water from your home. It protects the house from damage caused by water infiltration in and under the building. Excess water from your residence's drain pipes is removed by a bilge pump located above ground level. To ensure the proper functioning of the system and the safety of your home, entrust the maintenance of your sump in Gatineau, Ottawa and their surrounding areas to qualified specialists. Fissure Extrême & Fondation will check the entire system and prevent any future problems. We can also repair any cracks in your foundations.

Keep an eye out for warning signs of problems with your sump pit system. It is strongly recommended that you have your equipment inspected annually and take note of sumps that drain very slowly, have a strong odour or that make strange noises. All debris, such as dirt, gravel and sand, should be removed from the sump to improve its efficiency. Any obstruction in the pressure pipe can damage the pump, cause overheating and even lead to a breakdown. To find out more about sump maintenance, call Fissures Extrême & Fondation without delay.

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