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Concrete walls and foundations can lose their appeal over the years due to discoloration and flaking. Fortunately, there is a material that smoothens the surface and covers imperfections: stucco, a thin layer of mortar or plaster that is applied to a building. It is used to resurface, coat and repair the masonry as well as to protect it from moisture. Stucco rendering can be applied on the side of the house, in the basement and on any other wall or concrete block. Let us do your stucco rendering work in Gatineau, Ottawa or the surrounding areas!

Stucco Step by Step

The paint, tar and glue are removed with a hand grinder before the application. Afterwards, small vertical cracks are made in the wall, about a foot apart, to allow the stucco cement to adhere properly to the wall. All debris need to be removed from the wall, including spider webs and insect nests.

Stucco rendering is made of sand, Portland cement and other aggregates. A pointed trowel is required to pick up the plaster mixture and distribute it evenly in one to two 1/8-inch applications depending on the substrate requirements. Once the application process is complete, the wall should be allowed to dry for at least 24 to 48 hours before applying a coat of paint.

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