What is Parging?

Parging is defined as applying a thin coat of mortar or plaster on a construction. It is used to resurface, to coat and to repair masonry and to protect it from moisture. Parging can be applied on the side of the house, in the basement and on any wall or block made of concrete.

Cinder-block foundations or walls can become unattractive over the years, due to discoloration and chipping. Parging will smooth out the surface and cover its imperfections.

Parging, Step-by-Step

Paint, tar and glue are removed with a hand grinder before parging. Then, by using the cutting edge of the disk grinder, small vertical cracks are cut into the wall every foot or so. This will help the parging cement to adhere to the wall. All debris must be removed from the wall, including spider webs and insects' nests.

The parging material is made of sand, Portland cement and other aggregates. A pointed trowel is needed to scoop up the parging mix and to spread it evenly in one or two 1/8 inches thick layers, depending on the foundation. Once the application process is over, allow the wall to dry for a minimum of 24 to 48 hours before putting on a coat of paint.

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