Foundation Repairs in Ottawa

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Watch Out for Cracks

Foundation cracks can occur as a result of poor cement quality, soil type and temperature changes. They can lead to water getting into your basement. Our experienced team at Extreme Foundation Repairs starts by determining the cause of the cracks and then performing lasting foundation restoration in Ottawa.

Here's a list of warning signs indicating foundation problems:

  • Slanted or uneven floors
  • Cracks in interior or exterior bricks
  • Cracked corner mouldings or crown moulding separation
  • Wall rotation causing paint paneling to crack or causing large cracks to appear on the side of a building
  • Cracks in interior walls
  • Cracks in floor tiles, flooring and foundations
  • Windows and doors cannot open or close properly
  • Separation of window frames
  • Gap between ceiling and wall

Let’s Restore Your Foundation

If you recognize any of telltale signs above, it’s time to call your Ottawa foundation repair and restoration experts: Extreme Foundation Repairs. If not resolved in a timely manner, these problems can cause major structural damage to your property. Our first priority is to detect the source of the problem and then provide you restoration advice matching your needs and your budget.

At Extreme Foundation Repairs, we take pride in respecting our commitments and keeping you informed at all times. That’s why we’re happy to answer all your questions during and after the foundation repair and restoration work. You can also count on us for an impeccable after-sales service.

We solve your foundation problems quickly and efficiently, using the most advanced methods and technology available. Our licensed professionals use polyurethane injections to fix crack repairs to achieve a long-lasting foundation repair.

Benefits of Polyurethane Injections

  • Flexible: allows concrete to move naturally in terms of thermal shrinkage and expansion
  • Excellent to repair wet or leaking cracks as it repels water
  • Expands over 20 times its volume

Feel free to contact Extreme Foundation Repairs in Ottawa for more information.


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